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Henessy and Cherry escorts deluxe

Henessy and Cherry escorts deluxe

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Escorts Deluxe is not the best-known series of Dorcel, but it has some great surprises in the castings (Megan Rain, Ines Lenvin, Cara Saint-Germain and Lucy Heart) as well as in the quality of hard scenes.

We find the elegance and hardness of Dorcel ... And now find a blonde, Cherry Kiss and a brunette, Henessy, two escorts with a fiery temperament who love a job well done.

To prove their flawless professionalism, our two wonderful escorts are dressed in the house of a young and wealthy man. The latter is adept sensual trios and sodomy. He will quickly enjoy the mouths and small holes of these ladies.

Henessy is a busy professional: she goes to a client who turns out to be a leather fetishist. Just arrived, she will have to get dressed in a leather suit and offer her pussy to him.

Brand Marc Dorcel
Studio Marc Dorcel
Year 2018
Languages International version
Total time (min) 119
Système PAL / NTSC